Monday, 12 September 2011

Review: Extras - Scott Westerfeld

Again - futuristic world where everyone can get an operation to make themselves pretty.
In some ways, I can say even less about this one, as it is the last book.
In contrast to the last three books, it is set in what was once Japan, and a girl called Aya is the main character. Aya lives in a city with a reputation economy - this means that the people with the best face value get the best clothes, houses, you name it. Aya is a kicker, desperate to kick stories to her feed in order to gain a bit of fame, and raise her face value.
But when she meets people who care more about blending in then bursting out, she cant believe it, and more importantly, its the perfect story to kick.
But, not everything goes to plan, an it becomes a 'Special Circumstance.'
If you read this, you'll get that last part. ;)
I really like this one too, as it was new and fresh. And after I finished it, I wanted to read more, I needed to know more... but alas...

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