Sunday, 3 July 2011

Writing is difficult...

Don't you think words are powerful? With a single perfectly constructed phrase you can make someone break done in tears, or smile quietly to themselves. The problem is structuring that phrase. Do I use this verb? I used that noun before. This adjective isn't working... etcetera, etcetera.
With words alone you can walk through the forests of Middle Earth with the elves, or though Hogwarts castle, or any manner of impossible things. It's too easy to mess up though. A simple slip of mind, or straying too far off the path of your story can be the undoing of it. Or the simple fear that your characters are too weak, or don't have enough flaws. That's my problem. I know their flaws, but I still try to trip them up in every chapter...
So maybe it's just me, but writing is a great undertaking. But hey, if a story is worth telling, it's worth telling write. (Ha ha, get it? write? Yeah... stupid pun...)

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